Sunday, 5 July, 2020

Jugal village gets flu every year


By Keshav Raj Poudel, Kathmandu, Feb. 12: It is not the first time that Jugal Gaupalika of Sindhupalchowk district has observed an epidemic.

As the symptoms of the seasonal flu recently spreading at the village was similar to those of coronavirus, the Gaupalika had informed the Ministry of Health and Population about the flu.

Samjhana Tamang, a local, said that the seasonal flu used to infect people in the previous years too. Tamang has been working in Kyabrungthang Primary School of Jugal Gaupalika-3 for over four years.

Affecting the infants and children, the flu has spread densely, if compared to previous years.

The threat had increased in the village as it lies close to China from where the novel coronavirus originated.

More than 100 students of Kyabrungthang School have been infected by the flu.

“Majority of students have been suffering from cough, cold and fever, followed by vomiting,” said Samjhana Neupane, a teacher of the school. “Among 300 students of our school, more than 100 have been infected.”

As a health camp is in operation at Gumba Dada, we have been sending all the affected students there by enlisting their names, she said.

Hom Narayan Shrestha, Ward Chair of the Gaupalika, said that they had informed higher authorities as the number of infected people kept on increasing.

Shrestha reached the village today morning with a team of doctors.

Dirgharaj Shrestha, another local said, “Jugal Mountain lies right at the border separating China and the village. Hence, the chances of people travelling to and from China is low.”

Despite being located at higher altitude, the village holds dense population, where it is difficult to maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene.

The village observes flu-like epidemic every year in January and February.

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