Sunday, 29 March, 2020

Hetauda designated as the permanent capital of State 3


By Rammani Dahal

Hetauda, Jan. 12

State Assembly of State-3 have designated Hetauda to be the permanent capital of the State, with two-third majority of votes.

The decision of keeping Hetauda the capital of State-3 was passed with 105 votes during the first phase of the voting procedure.

105 votes were received for the proposed state capital while 3 votes were received against it. 108 of the members of State Assembly were present in the voting.

The voting was held earlier today, on the basis of proposal of name and capital submitted on the State-3 Assembly on Saturday.

The decision regarding naming the state and assigning the capital was a long overdue. The second phase of voting, where the name of State-3 is to be decided, will begin shortly.


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