Monday, 8 March, 2021

Ever seen a pond in high altitude that shrouds in cloud when you make loud noise? Visit Kalopokhari in Jiri to experience


By Kailash Lama, Dolakha, Nov. 17: Kalopokhari (black pond) situated at 4,430 meter altitude in Jiri Municipality-1 is known for its shyness and magnificence.

If you visit this pond keeping silence, you can have its clear view but it gets covered in cloud and thus hides itself if you make a noise!

"In the beginning, we did also not believe in it. But, when we monitored the activities by reaching close to the pond, we realised that it is not good to make a loud noise near the poind," Swoyam Bahadur Khadka, chairman of Gaurishankar Rural Municipality, said, "The pond that was clear and open when we reached there got shrouded entirely in cloud after we made a noise."  

Jung Gurung, chairman of Nepal Communist Party's Gaurishankar Rural Municipality committee, said that the pond also carried special religious significance.  

One can reach this magical pond in about two hours on foot from well-known Jatta pond and Panch Pokhari which are located at the border of Gokul Ganga Rural Municipality-1 of Ramechhap district and Jiri Municipality-1 of Dolakha district.

Gurung said that different magical views such as appearance of starts at daytime can be seen at this pond. People here believe that those who see stars from here at daytime turn out to be lucky and their wishes are fulfilled.

A limited number of travelers that go through Marbu and Chankhu of Gaurishankar RM and shepherds have only seen Kalopokhari which looks black when seen from above.

Religious belief ihas it that one has to visit it while going to visit the Panch Pokhari and Jatta Pokhari and not on the way back. Many have missed visiting it as it is located at a difficult geographical location and it stays covered in fog in almost all weathers.

Tika Gurung, a local, said that some local people know it as a ghost pond or mad pond. "It gets blanketed in cloud due to a small noise and get fully open when in silence."

Devotees worship this pond from a little far, by not getting close to it, according to Gurung. "Long ago, a tantric who believed in his great power engaged in a conflict with the pond, and the person who accompanied the tantric did not help him recite mantra during the pooja, and the tantric was bit by a Nag (king of snake) to death. Therefore, people fear going near the pond."

Chairman of Gaurishankar RM Khadka said that as the Kalpokhari pond has natural beauty as well, the RM is planning to manage a good trekking route connecting Chankhu, Kalpokhari and Jatta Pokhari.

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