Sunday, 11 April, 2021

Blacktop road, electricity reach across Rapti River after 30 years


By Siraj Khan, Nepalgunj, Mar. 2: Until a few years ago, the areas across the Rapti River were considered as the most backward and undeveloped regions in Banke district. However, the area is now getting a facelift thanks to various development works being carried out there of late.

Raptisonari and Narainapur Rural Municipalities in Banke Constituency No. 1 have become more accessible in the last three years due to the work done in the areas of health and education including roads, electricity, bridges, embankments and irrigation.

Federal lawmaker of Constituency No. 1 Maheshwor Gahatraj ‘Athak’ said that the region was gradually turning into an urban area having easy access to several facilities.

He said that since he became a lawmaker, a lot of work has been done in the area, including electrification, Sikta Irrigation Project, construction of roads and bridges.

“After 30 years of efforts, blacktopped roads and electricity have reached the areas of Narainapur and Raptisonari,” he said.

Similarly, two big bridges are being constructed in the area, work on the postal road is going on day and night, and construction of a branch of the Sikta Irrigation Project is also moving ahead, he said.

Similarly, two well-equipped hospitals have come into operation in the area.

Meanwhile, lawmaker Gahatraj monitored the construction works of various important bridges, roads, irrigation projects, and embankments in Banke Constituency No. 1.

During the monitoring, lawmaker Gahatraj inspected the construction of a big bridge being constructed over the Moranga River in Raptisonari Municipality, one of the important bridges on the Rapti River connecting Kachanapur of Raptisonari and Maduwaghat Binauna and the postal highway from Phattepur to Bhuwar Bhawani.