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13 years on, flood victims keep waiting for restoration

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By Rajendra Prasad Paneru, Kathmandu, Jan. 21:  The family of Jivan Rana has been living in Dilashaini Community Forest Area of Shuklaphanta Municipality, Kanchanpur, by making huts for the last 13 years.

He was a victim of the Doda River flood which swept his own land of 2 Bigha out of 4 Bigha and the remaining 2 Bigha converted into river bank 13 years ago.

After being displaced from the flood, he lost the means to survive except for the daily wage from labor work.

At that time Land Reform Office, District Forest Office, and District Administration Office jointly allowed the Rana family to live in Dilashaini Community Forest.

“In the name of common people, the country witnessed different governments but nobody cared for us, for our plight so our problems are still unsolved,” Rana said.  

Rana's family was then living at Dekhatbhumi VDC-6.

The Doda River that flows through Kanchanpur district had swept as many as 36 households in 2007 and all the displaced flood victim families have been living in the community forest. A total of 60 Bighas of lands belonging to those families had converted into riverbank due to flooding.

After losing his 6 Bigha of land, Mahadev Rana has been surviving by working as a housemaid.  “I have never think of such days in my life,” he said.

All victims have the problem of saving lives from the wind storm of May-June every year.

Problem from community forest

Though the victims have been living in the area of the community forest, they have no right to use the forest products/resources likewise grass, wood, logs. They have to pay a fine of Rs 300 if they use the logs that fallen their huts premises.

Demand of restoration

They demand restoration at any other place. With a recently formed commission to solve the land-related problems, the flood victims' hope has rekindled that they will be eventually restored. The Chief of Shuklaphanta Municipality Dil Bahadur Air said that the municipality has been working to manage land for those displaced from the flood.

(Translated from RSS Nepali news)

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