Sunday, 11 April, 2021

125,000 fruit saplings planted in Bajura this year


By Sher Bahadur Sharki, Bajura, Mar. 5: As many as 125,000 fruit seedlings have been planted in the Bajura district this year. 

According to the Agriculture Knowledge Center, Bajura, the plantation was made successful with government subsidy and support from the local farmers who also bore some cost.

The Center has declared the year 2021 as the fruit plantation year and has been running a large-scale fruit plantation campaign in order to remove Bajura from a tag of, “desolation and destitution” and replace it with a place of opportunities and possibilities.

Meen Prasad Jaishi, information officer at the Agriculture Knowledge Center, said that with the plantation of 125,000 winter fruit saplings this year the area of fruit garden area has been expanded to 500 hectares of land.

He said that five times more fruit saplings were planted this year compared to the previous ones.

Jaishi added that 19,050 seedlings of Biju walnuts, 900 seedlings of Kalmi walnuts, 21,250 seedlings of Chandler variety brought from Turkey which yields in a year, 4,800 apples of Fuji and Gala variety and 65,500 apples of other varieties, including 3,000 kiwi and 500 peach seedlings have been planted this year.