Saturday, 4 April, 2020

Tusker wreaks havoc in Morang

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By Our Correspondent, Urlabari, Feb. 26:  A lone wild elephant has caused damage to seven houses of Aaitabare and Shantitole of Kanepokhari – 7 in Morang.

The elephant entered the Aitabare village from the forest on Tuesday at around 9 pm and destroyed the fence around local Dil Kumar Limbu’s house.

 It also ate all the maize stored in the house of another local, Narendra Karki. The tusker also tore down the wall around Kumari Ghimire’s shop and devoured all the bread, biscuits and noodles.

 Similarly, it caused damage to the main gate of the Syarlo Tamu Kwoiwo Gurung monastery of Aaitabare market.

The locals were ultimately successful in chasing the elephant away, but it then came back and damaged the houses of Yam Bahadur Basnet, Ganesh Pariyar, Ravi Lal Rai and Yak Bahadur Lawati, according to eye witnesses.

Wild elephants had caused terror in the area last year as well.

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