Friday, 3 December, 2021

Test print of Gorkhapatra in Kohalpur


By Gobinda Sharma, Banke, Nov. 20: The preparation for printing Gorkhapatra from Kohalpur is in the final stage. 

On Saturday the test print of Gorkhapatra from Kohalpur has been completed successfully. 

The test print of Gorkhapatra was conducted successfully amid the presence of the Executive Chairman of Gorkhapatra Bishnu Prasad Subedi and Acting Editor in Chief Shiv Kumar Bhattarai. 

After the test print, Executive Chairman Subedi informed that regular publication of Gorkhapatra from Kohalpur will be started from February 19, 2022, after completing practical and procedural preparation. 

"Corporation wants to distribute Gorkhapatra in all districts of Western Nepal's three provinces as soon as possible." He said, "For that, we will try to solve possible problems." 

Subedi said that though the regular publishing date has been fixed for Feb 19, 2022, the teams of Gorkhapatra Corporation and Communication, Information and Technology Ministry have inspected Kohalpur to start the publication before the slated date.  

Acting Editor in Chief of Gorkhapatra Shiv Kumar Bhattarai said that with an aim to distribute Gorkhapatra in every Nepali's hand corporation's own press has been installed in Kohalpur. 

"With the newspaper publication and distribution content of Western Nepal will get priority." He said, "Following this trend Gorkhapatra will reach all provincess." 

Teams have collected needed information about building construction and other issues by visiting the Central Level Project Implementation Unit's Engineer Bijaya Keshar Khanal, other technicians, and construction entrepreneurs. Press building and store building are yet to be completed. The team comprises the Under-secretary of Communication, Information and Technology ministry Mukunda Sharma, Sridhar Gyawali, Administration Chief Om Bhusal among others. 

For the construction of the Kohalpur publication building, Gorkhapatra Corporation had procured one bigha land at Maitahawa of Kohalpur. Chief of the Gorkhapatra Western Region Publication Office Tara Basyal said that the wall was constructed in the first phase and construction of the Press building and store has been started in the second phase.