Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Supreme Court hearing stalled on Sunday too


Kathmandu, Oct. 31: Although Chief Justice Choldendra Sumsher JB Rana set the bench for hearing on some cases on Sunday, the hearing could not take place for the absence of the protesting Justices.

Chief Justice Rana's single bench conducted the hearing. According to the spokesperson of the Supreme Court, Baburam Dahal, although the Chief Justice had assigned the Justices to conduct a hearing, only the single bench of Chief Justice conducted the hearing on Sunday.

A group of Justices of the apex court has not been attending the bench by raising questions over him for a week. CJ Rana said that the constitution and the law had entrusted him with the responsibilities as the Chief Justice and he was capable to shoulder it.

Rana also urged the disapproving justices to undertake their constitution-mandated responsibilities.

No hearing by the Justices has badly affected justice delivery to the justice seekers.