Monday, 17 January, 2022

Senior citizens felicitated 


Waling, Jan 14 : The Waling Municipality Ward No. 5 in Syangja district has felicitated 180 senior citizens. Ward Chairman Dhakaram Pangeni said the senior citizens of 70 years and above were honoured to give a positive message to the society for their take care by recongising their contributions to the society. The tribute and respectful treatment to the senior citizens is the need of the hour, Pangeni said.    

As per the record maintained by the ward, it has a total of 232 senior citizens of 70 years and above. The ward organised the event considering that the respectful treatment to the elderly was awarding for the today’s young generation, according to Pangeni.   

Pangeni added all the senior citizens of the ward could not be feted this time as some of them are residing in different cities at home and abroad.    
The ward office provided a warm blanket and identity card to the senior citizens to exhibit respect to them.