Tuesday, 26 May, 2020

Saptari peasants sans farm workers


By Our Correspondent
Saptari, Dec. 3: At a time when the season of the paddy harvesting and planting wheat and lentils has begun, the farmers of Saptari are facing an acute shortage of agro labourers.
A local farmer, Indra Dev Chaudhary of Kalyanpur, said that they were facing problems of agro labourer to harvest paddy and plant new crops in the district as most of the youth of the village had gone abroad as migrant workers.
“Only a few youth are available for working. But they demand high wages which has forced the farmers to harvest paddy on their own, mobilising the family members,” said another farmer Jokhan Chaudhary.
The farmers are demanding that the government should provide agricultural equipment like paddy harvesting machine to ease agricultural work to tackle the shortage of farm workers.
Chaudhary said that the agricultural equipment would be helpful for the farmers to harvest paddy and sow seeds of any crop.

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