Saturday, 6 March, 2021

Malika Temple In Lap of Himalayas (Photo Feature)


By Thakur Prasad Acharya, Beni (Myadgi), Feb. 22: In the lap of the Himalayas there lies a temple of Malika Devi. The renowned temple is also a tourist spot. From this temple one can see the Dhaulagiri, Churen Gurja, Annapurna, Nilgiri and Macchapuchre mountains in close proximity.

The temple which is situated at the border between Malika and Raghuganga Rural Municipality is at an altitude of 3,350 meters.

The temple holds its place within one of the most sacred temples within the district. The temple has potential not only to remain a religious place but also be a tourist hotspot.

Malika Devi temple is the abode of Tridevi Malia, Kalika and Jaalika. It is believed that worshipping Tridevi will fulfil one’s wishes. It is due to this reason that devotees flock to the temple during Baisakhe Purnima, Jesthi Purnima and during Bhai Tika.  

“In order to have one’s wishes fulfilled regarding childbirth, employment, education, business, trading, foreign employment and success in politics devotees pledge to do something that they believe might please the gods if their wishes are fulfilled,” said Chakka Prasad Paija the Chairperson of  the Temple Management Committee.

He added that the temple has witnessed a growth of devotees due to the recent construction of Pedestrian lane and hospice areas. Since, the temple is at the top of a hill, there is a shortage of water, infrastructure to address this issue needs to be constructed.

“Even after having their wishes many devotees still come a second time,” said Paija. Devotees come from the districts of Baglung, Parbat, Pokhara and Kathmandu among other places. During Jesthi and Chandi Purnima devotees sacrifice an animal to please the gods.

It takes two hours of walking to reach the temple from Bim of Malika Rural Municipality – 7. Tourists also take the two days walk to reach Jagannath Temple via Todke. One can also reach the Malika temple from Hindi of Mangala Rural Municipality 2 and Thadakhani of Raghuganga Rural Municipality.

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