Sunday, 11 April, 2021

Madhav Narayan Festival Concludes (Photo Feature)

Photo- Sujan Gurung

By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Feb. 27: The Month long Madhav Narayan Festival has been concluded today.

Nepali devotees concludes the one-month-long fasting which devoted to religious fasting, holy bathing, and the study of the Swasthani book.

A throng of devotees was gathered in Bhaktpur to conclude their one-month-long fasting in this early morning.

It has been said that this one-month-long fasting has been practiced since the 8th century, Nepal Sambat. So, for a month, one can witness the recitation of the tale of the Hindu Goddess Swasthani and Madhav Narayan (Shiva) every evening by householders to the gathered family members with established rituals.

The fasting starts from Sukla Purnima of Paush (full moon lunar day in January) and ends on Sukla Purnima of Magh every year (full moon lunar day in February), where the devotees take a holy bath at Trivenidham of Hanumanghat on Magh 15 and then starts month-long devoted fasting.

There is a tradition that a person observing Madhav Narayan's fast should fast from the day before the month-long fasting starts, bathe in Triveni in the morning and worship with pure water and worship materials, chant mantras after taking conch water, have to avoid touching anyone after taking conch water and wearing any shoes.