Wednesday, 28 October, 2020

Kunming of China provides medical supplies to Pokhara

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Pokhara, Oct. 18: Kunming, the capital city of China’s Yunnan Province, has provided medical supplies to its sister city Pokhara to fight against the pandemic coronavirus infection.

Nepal-China Friendship Association President Bishwa Shankar Palikhe on Sunday handed over the medical assistance to Pokhara Metropolitan City’s Mayor Man Bahadur GC and Deputy Mayor Manjudevi Gurung in presence of the officials of the Pokhara Metropolis.

Kunming donated 20,000 sets of surgical mask, 2,000 sets of KN95 mask, 750 sets of PPE and 400 sets of thermometer, Mayor GC shared.

GC said that the medical assistance worth around Rs 3.1 million provided by Pokhara’s sister city Kunming at the time of COVID-19 crisis would be very important.

Pokhara Metropolitan City’s Foreign Coordination Facilitator Laxman Timalsina shared that the Chinese city had also lent medical support amounting to Rs 10 million to Pokhara in May this year.

Pokhara and Kunming had entered into sister-city alliance in 2001. The Metropolitan till date has established sister-city ties with cities from 13 countries across the world.

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