Monday, 27 September, 2021

Ghorahi sub-metropolis purchases garbage collected by residents 

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Dang, July 10: Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City has collected and purchased garbage from its residents as part of its campaign to rid the city of plastic bags.    

Biodegradable waste will be used to produce gas and fertilisers and non-biodegradable garbage will be recycled. As informed earlier, volunteers mobilised by the sub-metropolis reached the doorsteps of local people and purchased garbage they collected.     

The locals have been a happy lot as they have benefited from this campaign both ways—they have got rid of the garbage and got money at the same time.    

Sita Rokka, who runs a hotel at New Bus Park in Ghorahi-14 was facing a hard time disposing of the waste. However, now she has been relieved of her problem of managing waste produced from her hotel as the sub-metropolis collected and purchased garbage from her. She recently got Rs 200 for 20 kilograms of garbage.    

The sub-metropolis started purchasing garbage collected by local people three months ago. The budget for the current fiscal year has prioritised the drive.    

So far, garbage worth around Rs 20,000 has been purchased, said Laxman Adhikari, chief of the environment and sanitation division, the sub-metropolis.    

One kilogram soft and hard polythene bag fetches Rs 10 and Rs 5 respectively. Likewise, the cover of tobacco products is sold for Rs 2 per kilogram and paper fetches from Rs 10 to Rs 20 per kilogram.