Sunday, 31 May, 2020

Food stuffs distributed to poor families in Siraha  


Lahan, March 28 : Mirchaiya municipality here has begun providing food stuff to the families hit-hard with lockdown.    
 The daily wages earners and poor families are facing hardship due to lockdown as they were not getting work and earning to buy daily essential goods.    
As the first day move, the municipality provided goods as relief to 25 families at Ward 6 of the municipality. Each of the family received 15 kg rice, 2 kg pulse, 2 kg potatoes, one kg beaten rice and half liter cooking oil, and other daily consumables.    
The municipality has stated providing such food stuffs to at least 500 families in the municipalities.    
Meanwhile Bishnupur rural municipality in the district has distributed sanitizers, soap and mask to the needy people.    

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