Friday, 6 August, 2021

FDB to announce incentive package for people relying on film industry


By Renuka Dhakal, Kathmandu, June 30: The Film Development Board is preparing to declare an incentive package from the board's internal sources with the objective of providing incentives to the film workers, said Dayaram Dahal, Chairman of Film Development Board (FDB)-Nepal.

He said that like the other sectors, the movie industry was also hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, as the production, distribution and screening of films have been badly affected.Everyone has lost their jobs, the condition of daily wage filmmakers is deteriorating, the investment of filmmakers is at risk, the films being shot are also in a state of hold for over three months  and the post-production works have also been halted.

In such a dire situation, the film industry needs to run smoothly and all stakeholders related to the film industry are trying to make the film industry viable, added Dahal.

Revenue source of the FDB has also dwindled this year because the development fee received from film screening was the main source of income for this.

However, the FDB, in consultation with professional organisations, will be announcing incentives to wage earners working in  film industry to help them maintain their livelihood, added Dahal.

“However, the FDB's internal source is not enough to enliven the film industry in this crisis time, and we are lobbying the concerned ministry to announce a special relief package for the film industry,” added Dahal.

There is a dire need for a special relief fund from the government as more than 350,000   people depending on film industry are greatly affected and if nothing is done , this manpower may flee, Dahal added

“Therefore, we are lobbying all the concerned stakeholders for the creation of a suitable environment of livelihood of those manpower and we will come to a conclusion soon,” he said.

He said the biggest challenge was to revitalise the film industry and every filmmaker should take it as an opportunity as well as challenge and work together.   

 The board has submitted a modality prepared the various organisations and board to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to reach out  to Crisis Management Committee.

As  other areas, the film industry needs to operate slowly and  the filmmakers need to win the trust of audience by formulating and abiding by its own safety protocols, added Dahal.