Friday, 21 January, 2022

Family of tusker-killed Karki couple to receive Rs 2 million   


Kanchanpur, Oct 21 : The Shuklaphanta National Park is set to provide relief amount to the family of Karki couple who lost their lives to tusker attack.    

Dhwaj Bahadur Karki, 55, and his wife Mathura Karki, 45, of Shuklaphanta municipality-12, Dilashaini tole were killed in tusker attack.   

The national park has decided to provide Rs 1 million each (totaling Rs 2 million) to the family of the deceased.    

National Park Chief Conservation Officer Dil Bahadur Purjamagar said the relief amount of Rs 1 million each will be provided to the family of those killed in the recent wildlife attack as per the relief assistance directive.  

Likewise, security personnel have been mobilized to check the rampage of wildlife in Shuklaphanta municipality area. The municipality took the decision with the rise in the incidents of human-wildlife conflict.