Sunday, 31 May, 2020

Doti CDO pledges no lack of essential supplies during crisis   


Doti, March 29 : Doti Chief District Officer Teknarayan Poudel has pledged no shortage of essential supplies in the district during the lockdown against the coronavirus. Talking to the National News Agency (RSS) today, the CDO said the district had a stock of foodstuffs and other daily essentials sufficient for the next three months.    
In addition to the food stock for the three months, harvesting season for wheat and other crops is coming soon and the district will not face the food crisis, according to him.    
 During his meeting with officials of Doti Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he urged them to be careful about the possibility of black-market and artificial food shortage during the crisis and take effective measures to avert such ill practice.    
The district residents have been requested to immediately make aware the district administration if they face food shortage. ''I request the people to stay at home and stay safe from the possible risk. We will not see a food shortage ahead as all arrangements are in place for the continued supplies,'' he said.    

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