Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

Dailekh Clean-Up Campaign kicks off   


Kathmandu, Sept 15 : Dailekh Clean-Up Campaign has begun with the slogan ‘Two hours a week volunteering for the nation’.    
Inaugurating the campaign on Tuesday, former Minister Kunti Kumari Shahi said the campaign was launched after being inspired by the Bagmati Clean-Up Mega Campaign.    

On the occasion, Deputy-Mayor of Dailekh municipality, Sabitri Malla, Vice-Chairperson of Dailekhi Sewa Samaj, Mina Thapa and Chairperson of Everest Club Dailekh, Deepak Shahi, among others had taken leadership of the cleanliness.   

Board Member of High-Powered Committee for Integrated Development of the Bagmati Civilization, Dr Mala Kharel, told RSS that the Clean-Up Campaign has amply created public awareness urging one and all to keep dustbin at every shop and check garbage throwing in a haphazard manner.    

The campaign would be continued on a weekly basis, it is announced. The municipality had helped the campaign by designating staffs with a tractor.    
Sanitation awareness has spread across the nation after the onset of Bagmati Clean-Up Mega Campaign since May 19, 2013.