Saturday, 28 November, 2020

  Classes in Magar language in community schools   


Waling, Oct 31 : The Saraswati basic school in Kalleri of Galyan municipality-7 has started running classes in Magar language.

Classes are now being run in Magar language in order to preserve the language, script and culture of the Magar community, said head teacher Dal Bahadur Rana.    

"As of late Magar community children don't even speak the Magar language," he said. Hence, classes have been started in order to preserve and promote Magar language.    

The school has started Magar language studies as an optional subject of 100 marks based on the text books developed by the Curriculum Development Centre. "We have started from Grade 1, and it will be gradually extended to other Grades too," said Rana.    

The school provides classes from Grade 1 to 3. The school is the first in Galyang municipality, with a majority of Magar community, to provide classes in Magar language, according to chief of the municipality's education department, Kedar Sharma Acharya.

The municipality has arranged a Magar language teacher for the school.    

Meanwhile, the municipality has also decided to recognize Magar language as the second language after Nepali language for official use.    

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