Wednesday, 24 February, 2021

Bharatpur Metropolitan City initiates campaign to expand tax net 


Chitwan, Jan 23 : Bharatpur Metropolitan City has pursued revenue collection as a campaign. Revenue collection has been increased as the trade and business activities that were hit due to the coronavirus pandemic have started to gradually rebound.  

The metropolis has so far collected Rs 255 million in revenue in the last six months. The target is to collect revenue Rs 900 million until July 15, when the current fiscal year concludes. The metropolis had collected near about Rs 900 million as revenue in the last fiscal year.    

Chief of the Metropolis' Economic Administration Division, Jagannath Aryal said teams will be mobilized who will go on a door-to-door visit to collect tax from the taxpayers not yet included in the tax net.    

The metropolis has intensified revenue collection in collaboration with the private sector, renewing the registration of taxpayers as well as collecting revenue on the site itself.    

Around 60 per cent traders have come under the tax ambit and the campaign has been begun with increasing it to 80 per cent.    

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