Monday, 27 September, 2021

Around 5,000 get shelter in Siraha and Saptari


Lahan, July 24: Some 5,000 Dalit and impoverished families in Siraha and Saptari have got shelters under the People's Housing Programme.    

The programme was first launched in 066/67 BS and in the past ten years, such a number of families in the two Terai districts were provided with a cemented house. Among the beneficiaries, 2,377 are from Siraha and 2,586 from Saptari.    

Before this, they were residing in a poorly maintained thatched roof house.    

According to Urban Development and Building Office, Rajbiraj, during the fiscal year 2076-77 BS, 200 households in Siraha and 285 in Saptari were given a safe house and the Federal Government funded the budget for the project.    

According to Jha, they set a target of constructing 315 houses and 200 have already been constructed and handed to the beneficiaries while 115 are under-construction. Similarly, 218 houses are under construction while works on 285 houses have been over.    

Since the fiscal year, 074-75 BS, the Province Government has been responsible for implementing the programme aims to provide better shelter for the poor and the Dalits.