Sunday, 1 November, 2020

70-year-old Dawadi lives off by selling Sal leaves


By Amar Raj Naharki, Tanahun, Oct. 15: Many people walk through the way to Kalika Jungle Park of Damauli every day for morning walk. Septuagenarian Nanda Kumari Dawadi also walks through the road every day during the dawn with the help of her cane.

While others walk for refreshment and fitness, it is a compulsion for Dawadi, 70, to walk up to the height by waking up early every day to sustain life.

Dawadi climbs the steep road to Kalika Jungle Park to and fro every day to collect Sal leaves.

She buys herself food by selling the Sal leaves at Damauli Bazaar.

"My only son abandoned me after my husband died 12 years ago. I have been selling Sal leaves to feed my hungry stomach," she said.

I have two grandchildren, but they do not care about me, she added.

Dawadi collects five bundles of Sal leaves in the morning and sells them in Rs. 50 per bundle. "I have been sustaining on whatever the income I get," she said.

She added that due to her old age, she couldn’t climb tall trees to collect more leaves. "The old-age allowance is not enough to live. I have to pay Rs. 4,000 house rent every month. Thus, I decided to sell Sal leaves to earn," said Dawadi.

Stating that she couldn’t collect more Sal leaves due to weakness, Dawadi said that all of the leaves get sold every day.

Anju Dahal, a journalist of Damauli, said that she used to buy the Sal leaves from Dawadi even when they aren't needed.

"She is selling leaves not out of will but out of compulsion. To help her, I buy them even when I don’t need," said Dahal.

Many people have suggested me to live in an old-aged home or beg for food but I hope I will not have to face those days where I will have to beg others to feed myself, said Dawadi. 

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