Wednesday, 28 October, 2020

444 dead, 101 persons missing in natural disasters since this April


Kathmandu, Oct. 18: A total of 444 persons lost their lives to natural disasters since April, 2020 to till date this year, according to Natural Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority.

Altogether 101 persons have gone missing in such incidents over this course, stated the Authority, adding that 739 people were injured in floods, landslides and lightning incidents among others mostly triggered by rain.

Authority’s CEO Anil Pokharel shared that landslides incurred biggest loss to lives of people and livestock, and properties this year. He said that 295 people died in landslide incidents occurred in various places across the country.

A total of 1,755 livestock were reported dead in the disasters while damages due to natural disasters were estimated to be around Rs 820 million.

Similarly, 295 people died, 64 people went missing and 223 were injured due to landslides. It is said that 435 animals were killed in the landslides. It is estimated that around Rs 50.9 million was damaged due to landslide.

In a report made public by the Authority, it was stated that lightning claimed 65 lives during this period, left 213 persons and 696 livestock injured. It is estimated to have incurred damages amounting to Rs 5.9 million.

Likewise, 42 people died in floods, 37 went missing and 11 were injured, according to the Authority. A total of 272 animals were reported to have died in the floods that incurred around Rs 50 million of economic loss.

Also, 10 people died in fire while 144 were injured. Over 600 million of properties were estimated to have damaged in the fire incidents.

A total of 21 people died of snakebites and 36 others were hurt. Likewise, 11 people were killed by wild animals and the number of people injured by the wild beasts stood at 112.

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