Friday, 17 September, 2021

362 coronavirus infection cases in Humla


Humla, July 29: COVID-19 infection is rapidly increasing in the district. The total number of infection cases has reached 362 so far. This includes those under treatment at the District hospital and those in quarantine facilities in the rural municipalities.

There were only two cases at the District Hospital and only one case in Kharpunath rural municipality until last Tuesday, the information officer at the Health Service Office, Bhakti Phadera, said.

But the number of cases so far at the District Hospital has reached 95, at Sarkegad rural municipality it is 63, at Adanchuli rural municipality it is 37, at Kharpunath it is 36, at Chankheli rural municipality it is 52 and at Namkha rural municipality it is 14.

Meanwhile, 304 persons have returned home after recovery in the district so far.