Sunday, 24 October, 2021

267 shelters to be constructed for the needy in Dang   


Tulsipur, Oct 27 :  Two hundred and sixty-seven houses are to be constructed in Dang district under the People's Housing Programme.

This many houses were selected last fiscal year and are going t be built in the current fiscal year.    

The programme is implemented for building shelters targeting the economically poor people and the people of communities on the verge of disappearance.

Chief of the Urban Development and Building Construction Division Office Dang, Ananta Kumar Dev said 112 shelters are to be constructed in Rolpa, 110 shelters in Pyuthan and 45 shelters in Rukum Purba, under this programme.    

According to him, additional 65 houses have been selected for construction this fiscal year. Every year, the government has been building shelters for the extremely poor people from the Dalit and threatened communities under this programme. 

Each family gets grant of Rs 332,500 in four instalments for constructing the shelters.    

The Lumbini Province Government has constructed altogether 252 houses under this programme in Dang, Rolpa, Rukum Purba and Pyuthan districts in the last two years.

Such shelters are built for the economically vulnerable people of the Dalit, Muslim, marginalized and minority communities.