Monday, 29 November, 2021

Widening the horizons on Nepali Music


By Mannu Shahi

Rohit John Chettri is a musical persona that needs no introduction to any person with remote interest in Nepali music, the pop sensation got his first break from his debut single Bistarai Bistarai and there has been no turning back for him ever since. From being the front person for the legendary act 1974 AD (new lineup) to touring around many nations of the world, collaborating with a lot of big names of the industry and much more Chettri’s vibrant musical career gives hope to many ambitious musicians influenced to pursue a solo career like him.
With over 6 million views on his most popular debut release and nearly 90k subscribers on his channel, Chettri has come a long way experimenting on various styles of music, working with promising arrangers/ producers and hiring some top-notch musicians from the industry as his backing band. His devotional following have kept supporting his quench to keep growing and expanding his musical repertoire, which luckily aids more to the Nepali music fraternity.
And his recent track demonstrates just the horizons artists like Chettri have been trying to broaden in the context of mainstream Nepali pop, incorporating his immense aspirations from the western hip culture blended in a flow of almost an melancholic eastern “adhunik” conduct.
Yo Manna Ko Kura, for me is a very fresh take on neo-soul inspired music with chilled groovy beats, open ended chord progression and super catchy melody. For almost the first ten seconds into the song, with just the intro music, I couldn’t have predicted it to be followed by Nepali vocals if I didn’t know who the performing artist was. Featuring the virtuosity of brilliant Abhisek Bhadra from bands like Jindabaad and Jooni on arrangement and production, the track was recorded by Binaya Amatya (Bipul Chettri and The Travelling Band/ Ziklag) at The Project Studio and visuals by Prakash John Tamang and Avishek Ghalay. Sound production wise the single is quite a spectacular piece of art and the simplistic video approach of just the two artists performing in Privé Nepal’s center stage compliments the vibe of the music impeccably.
The single premiered on 2nd October 2020 and has been applauded by many of Chettri’s contemporary artists and loved by his fans for it’s off the hook creativeness reflected throughout. So definitely check out his channel to be updated with his future collaborations and support more Nepali music by listening, sharing and subscribing.