Sunday, 29 November, 2020

Time to do everything possible for party unity: Gautam


By Our Correspondent
Dang, Nov. 22: Vice-chairman of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Bamdev Gautam Saturday said that the time had come to work hard to strengthen the party.
During a meeting with party leaders and cadres at Tulsipur in Dang district today, Gautam urged all leaders to prepare to strengthen the party by resolving intra-party problems.
“Recently, there have been some problems within our party. But we are working to strengthen the unity by solving those problems. Time has come to do everything possible to keep the party united and strong. Get ready for the same,” Gautam said.
Gautam, who is now a member of the National Assembly, said that infighting in the party had made all carders frustrated when it was time to lay the foundation for socialism.
"Our party is mired in internal problems when it is time to carry out groundwork for socialism. Everyone is feeling frustrated," said Gautam. "Yet we are working hard to free the party from controversy and continuing our efforts to reconcile the differences.”
Gautam claimed that he had been working for the unity of the party and socialistic and prosperous Nepal since 2063 BS.
“As two communist parties were united after extensive discussions, we will not allow the united party to split under any circumstances. I am determined to turn the rift into unity,” Gautam said.
Claiming that he was not involved in any factionalism, vice-chairman Gautam said that he would always stand for unity. "I have never been for factionalism, nor ever will be. I will always stand for unity,” said Gautam.
On the occasion, NCP’s district party chair Tika Ram Khadka said that all leaders and carders from the district were in favour of party unity and urged the leaders to work seriously for the same. 

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