Wednesday, 27 October, 2021

Terai marks Chhath with gaiety, fanfare


By Our Correspondent

Janakpur, Nov. 3: Chhath, the great festival of the Terai, was celebrated on Saturday offering worship to the setting sun. The 4-day Chhath festival would conclude after offering worship to the rising sun on Sunday morning at all ponds, lakes and the river banks across the nation.
The first day of Chhath was marked on Thursday when the devotees had had special dishes prepared for the occasion. On the second day, they took ‘Rasiaab’, a special type of chapatti. On Saturday, the main day of the festival, the devotees offered worship to the setting sun with much fanfare and gaiety.
The festival is celebrated from Kartik Shukla Chaturthi to Kartik Sukla Saptami every year. The devotees worship sun with the devotees would be blessed with peace and prosperity.
Senior litterateur Rambharos Kapdi Bhramar said Chhath had connected devotees and lives of Mithila zone. “The number of devotees has increased across Mithila because of the belief,” he added. According to him, the festival is prestigious because strict rules and regulations are followed for the celebration.
The festival of Terai had influenced members of all ethnic groups, castes, communities and language in recent days. “It’s been considered as a common festival,” a devotee Sudha Tripathi said. It’s the only Hindu festival where both rising and setting sun is worshipped.
There is an ancient belief of getting peace, prosperity and fulfilling the wishes after offering worships to the Sun god on this festival by following proper rules and regulations.
The tradition of Chhath celebration started from the banks of the River Ganga in India and has spread gradually in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh of India and eastern Terai region of Nepal.
According to astrology, the rays of sun are most impressive and fruitful for the human beings during Chhath.
During the festival, Sasthi goddess is also worshiped at the occasion which is why the festival is also known as Sasthi or Chhathi. Goddess Sasthi is the wife of Kartikeya and sixth part of nature. Believers say that Lord Ram offered worshiping to the sun after winning Lanka. Not only this, Draupadi in Mahabharat offered her worship while she was staying underground along with the Five Pandavs.