Sunday, 24 October, 2021

Rautahat blast victim seeks life security

By Sanjay Kumar Mishra

Gaur, Nov. 15: Gauri Shanker Ram Chamar, one of the victims of the Rautahat explosion of 2008, registered an application in the Rautahat District Court on Thursday seeking security stating that he received death threat on behalf of former minister and NC leader Aftab Alam when the hearing on Alam’s case was in progress in the District Court.
An inhabitant of Musahachowk, Sitamadi of India, Chamar himself appeared in the court to register the application.
He said he was threatened to change his statement. Following the application, the Nepal Police deployed police personnel to provide him security.
He submitted the application in the court according to Clause 114 of Civil Code 2074.
He also demanded that the court should record his statement at the earliest as pressure was exerting on him to change his statement.
Chamar, who was seriously injured in the ears, neck and chest in the blast in Rajpurpharhadwa 12 years ago, said he was receiving threats after he filed complaint in the court after Alam’s arrest.
Court registrar Gunaraj Parajuli said that his application would be presented in the bench.
According to law, police should provide security to the witnesses if their life was at risk for being witnesses of a crime.
He said the men of Alam had forcefully made him put signature on paper reading that no such incident had occurred in Rajpurpharhadwa 12 years ago, and submit it in the court.
Chamar was arrested from the court premises when he was there to register the same.
Another eyewitness, Shree Narayan Singh, said that he was also receiving threat from Alam’s men. Singh said pressure had been exerted on him right from the day Alam was arrested.
Singh’s son Trilokpratap aka Pintu was wounded in the blast and he was killed putting in the furnace.
Bombs had gone off in the shed of Alam’s uncle Indris during the first Constituent Assembly election in April 2008 killing and injuring several persons.
Alam was accused of killing all the injured of the blast throwing them in a furnace. However, Alam has denying occurrence of such incident.
Meanwhile, hearings on Alam’s case are going to conclude on Friday.
Judge Deepak Dhakal on Thursday told the lawyers of both the parties to conclude the hearings on Friday.