Wednesday, 24 February, 2021

Politics needs leadership of women: PM


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Jan. 18: Chairman of the Nepal Communist Party and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that to think that ‘setting’ has been made in each and every work of the government is a betrayal to the party’s unity and nation.
Addressing the central committee meeting of All-Nepal Women’s Association on Sunday, Prime Minister Oli said, “Subsequent attacks have been made from the streets against our respected nation which stands as a symbol of federal democratic republic system. This is an attack on the democratic republic system that the nation follows.”
Stating that he had dissolved the House of Representatives (HoR) after some NCP leaders tried to besiege the party leaders and the government and make it unsuccessful, Prime Minister Oli said, “People running secret signature campaigns against the party chairman and the Prime Minister to overthrow the party leadership and government are against the NCP’s unity.”
“Rather than working to improve the reputation of the party, some NCP leaders were more focused on dividing the party,” said the Prime Minister.
Prime Minister Oli also highlighted that as the Prime Minister of the nation, his recommendation to dissolve the parliament was in line with the Constitution, democratic and republic values. “I will always be devoted to work for the nation and citizens,” he added.
The Prime Minister further said that the NCP had continuously played an important role in ensuring inclusive women’s participation and their leadership in all bodies of the nation. The Prime Minister said that women’s participation in politics is a need of hour.  

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