Thursday, 21 October, 2021

Pokhara-Muglin road to be expanded into four-lane   


Kathmandu, Oct 31 : The Pokhara-Muglin road is going to be expanded into four-lane. Asian Development Bank (ADB) is going to provide Rs 195 million loan assistance for the same.    
The government is to invest Rs 5.90 billion to expand two-lane Pokhara-Muglin road section into four-lane.    

As per the recently issued press statement by ADB Headquarters, Manila, the ADB has approved the loan assistance as upgrading the Pokhara-Muglin road section was indispensable.    
The ADB has believed that there would be easy and smooth movement of vehicles in the road-section, which is sub-regional corridor to link India and Bangladesh, as well as it would not be only easy to take local products to markets, but also decrease its supply cost, after its expansion into four-lane road.    

81-kilomtres Pokhara-Aanbukhaireni road section would be expanded in the first-phase while eight-kilometre Aanbukhaireni-Muglin section would be expanded later.     
According to ADB, a target has been set to expand the two-lane road into four-lane within five years.