Tuesday, 20 October, 2020

No border problems between Nepal and China


Kathmandu, Sept 23: The Government has made it clear that there are no border related issues between Nepal and China. Speaking at a press meet held today, government Spokesperson Pradeep Kumar Gyawali said Nepal and China do not have any border dispute and problems. "In case any such problem surfaces we have cordial relations to discuss it and resolve it," he said.

Also Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gyawali said that the government's attention was drawn towards news reports about border dispute between Nepal and China. "As it is a sensitive matter of border between the two countries, news reports should also include official versions," he said while referring to the news reports about China building houses within Nepali territory in Limi valley of Humla district.

A team from District Administration Office, Humla had left for the field study. After the team returns, government shall make the details public. Such sort of news had come in media four years back too and the government had conducted investigation with inter-ministry coordination.

"The team from Home Ministry, Foreign Ministry and Department of Survey had then reported that the houses were built in the Chinese side- one kilometer inside from the Nepal-China border. This time, the report so far also came that that the houses were built in the same place as reported earlier," Foreign Minister Gyawali added.

Moreover, he shared that the two countries have agreed to normalize Keyrong border point within one week. The problem on border point was solved via continued diplomatic dialogue.
According to him, medicines including basic BCG vaccines have entered Nepali land for the first time. The border point was obstructed for some days after some workers at border point were infected with coronavirus. "There were problems on transportation for some days resulting in the shortage of essential goods before the festivals," he viewed.

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