Friday, 16 April, 2021

Learning centres fail to produce desired results


By A Staff Reporter

Kathmandu, Oct. 26: Community Learning Centres (CLC), non-formal educational institutions established by the government, have failed to perform well in the federal system due to prevailing confusion about the new system, stakeholders of education said on Friday.
The government has established more than 200 community learning centres across the country with main focus on launching literacy campaign. Along with running literacy campaigns, the CLCs have rights to run life skills training and income generation training in coordination with the government bodies and non-governmental organisations.
But, only a few CLCs have been undertaking their given tasks with good performance, the stakeholders said.
Speaking at an interaction on Operation and Management of Non-formal Education in Federalism organised by Education Journalist’s Network (EJON), representatives of the community learning centres said they could not operate programmes in a good manner in federalism as the local representatives were unaware about non-formal education and the role of the community learning centres.
Shanta Paudel, chairperson of Dhapasi Community Learning Centre, said the municipality has not addressed the programme of non-formal education while making municipal level education programme.
Shobha Sapkota, ward chairperson of Kathmandu Metropolitan City-14, said though local representatives had good intention to do better in every sector, they are unaware about it.
“If the stakeholders make them aware about any genuine issues, they will formulate and implement programme effectively, Sapkota added.
Sita Ram Koirala, chief education officer of Bharatpur Metropolitan City, said Bharatpur was mulling over increasing the quality of CLCs rather than quantity. So, it was going to remove some CLCs that had failed to perform well.
Gehanath Gautam, director at the Centre for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD), said the local governments must be capable to develop community learning centres as a hub of non-formal education and alternative education. So, the CLCs must run the life skill-oriented programme rather than operating only literacy programme.
Bala Ram Timilsina, education expert of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, said education programmes would not become effective until local representative understand the issues well.