Sunday, 11 April, 2021

Laxmi Puja being celebrated today


Kathmandu, Oct. 27: The third day of Yamapanchak or Tihar festival is being celebrated by worshipping Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, affluence and prosperity, this evening, with devotion.
On the day of Laxmi Puja, people clean their houses and surrounding, illuminate their homes and light butter lamps to 'invite' the goddess to their homes, in the belief that the goddess Laxmi abhors the house which is not cleaned and untidy. In the rural areas where the houses are made of mud and stone, people daub the house with cow dung and red soil.
The night of Laxmi Puja is also known as Sukha Ratri, meaning the night of happiness as it is believed that Goddess Laxmi comes to reside in the house on this special night. To 'welcome' the goddess in the house, devotees make the footprint signs from their courtyard up to the main altar where the goddess is worshipper amidst all kinds of rituals.
In the evening of Laxmi Puja, troupes of teenage girls from the neighbourhood sing the 'bhailo' sons amidst dancing and merriment. The bhailo troupes visit house to house in the neighbourhood performing the bhailo cultural songs and dance.