Friday, 18 September, 2020

Lawmakers to the government: Bring sick industries into operation

Lawmakers during the session of National Assembly. Image: RSS

Kathmandu, Jan 20 : Lawmakers have drawn the attention of the government to the need of developing the industry sector which is considered the primary basis for the country's economic prosperity.    

Speaking in the 'special hour' during the session of the National Assembly, the upper house of the federal parliament, today, the lawmakers called on the government to immediately bring into operation the sick industries that were set up with the government's investment.    

Nepal Communist Party (NCP)'s Chanda Chapagain drew the government's attention to bring back the sick industries into operation as soon as possible to strengthen the economy, saying many industries were operating in a sick state even at present.    

NCP's Hari Charan Shivakoti said the government should pay attention to giving affiliation to the hospitals that have come into operation by constructing the necessary infrastructures with the aim of teaching medical science.    

Ram Lakhan Chamar of the same party stressed the need for developing religious tourism to give further impetus to the Visit Nepal Year 2020.    

Ramesh Yadav of Rastriya Janata Party said the citizens should not be made homeless in the name of constructing the infrastructures.    

Nepali Congress' Taradevi Bhatta alleged that the government has not been able to show its eagerness in implementing the federalism.    

Prakash Pantha of the Nepali Congress underscored the need of developing the birthplace of Ved Byas as a tourism site as well as the centre of Vedic learning.    

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