Wednesday, 14 April, 2021

"I am qualified to claim Speaker," Deputy Speaker Tumbahamphe

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Nepalgunj, Nov 9: Deputy Speaker Shiva Maya Tumbahamphe on Saturday expressed her desire to take up the coveted responsibility of the Speaker, saying, "I am qualified and efficient to claim the position."
"All respected members of the House of Representatives are eligible enough to claim the post. All are capable, but we also have a history that Deputy Speaker have taken up the post of Speaker in our parliamentary practice," she said at a press meet organised in Nepalgunj.
The Deputy Speaker was on her way back to Kathmandu from Humla where she had reached to provide training on the constitution implementation to local level people's representatives.
She viewed that the position of Deputy Speaker should be allocated to other party if ruling party claims the post of Speaker, according to the constitution provisioning that both posts shall be allocated to different parties and gender.
"When the position of Speaker is taken by ruling party, the incumbent Deputy Speaker will step down from the position to clear the way for the appointment of new Deputy Speaker, according to the constitution. However, my resignation from the post will be decided following discussions among the concerned parties," he said.
Noting that discussions were underway with Prime Minister to fill the vacant post of Speaker, the Deputy Speaker said this process would be completed by December first week.