Friday, 21 January, 2022

Govt is committed to country's unity, prosperity: Prachanda

Photo: RSS

Kathmandu, Dec 28: Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' said on Saturday that the goal pursued by the unified political party would come true only when there was uniformity in the ideologies.
Addressing the national gathering and swearing-in ceremony of the Press Organization Nepal at prime minister's residence, Baluwatar, Chairman Prachanda said that aware people dedicated their efforts to build public opinion for revolution in the past and present and called for the organization to move ahead in unison.
Efforts are ongoing to drive changes but this would not yield anything in concrete, the former PM said. "Making public support at international and national level is a key concern at present. Internet connectivity and digitalized network has played main role in this," he argued.
He was of the view that pro-people journalists' role would be crucial for this, Dahal observed.
Asserting that the media was at the hand of bourgeoisies, Chairman Dahal asked to be aware about this trend and urged the media persons to prepare public voices for national unity and prosperity.
On the occasion, he said that the current government was working with honesty and it is effortful to deliver as per the commitments made before.
Chairman Dahal added that rumours aired by the oppositions against the government makes no base and asked the media persons to dispel the baseless allegations.
Maintaining that communist party is there to strengthen state unity by bringing its ideology and programmes to the people, he claimed that the party has played a leadership role in protecting country's independence and territorial integrity.
The government and the party are committed to country's unity and prosperity, he said.
Stating that some regressive forces are trying to upset changes achieved so far, he said these efforts would never be materialized.
Uniformity in opinions in the recently concluded meeting of the party standing committee is a basis for party's unification, he said.
In another context, he said amendments to the dynamic constitution could be made as per the need of the state and the people.
Some political issues except country's independency, sovereignty and territorial integrity could be amended, he said.
On the occasion, General Secretary Bishnu Poudel stressed the need for the Press Organization Nepal to commit to party and government's directions.
Party's spokesperson Narayan Kaji Shrestha urged the organization to stay away from groupism within the party and follow party's ideology.
He also directed the organization to make publicity of the government and party's good works and activities.