Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Government's first priority to protect Nepali territory: Minister Gyawali


Palpa, Nov 16 (RSS):   
Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali has said the government's first priority was to protect Nepali territory.    
Speaking at a programme organised by the Dhuwal Library here today, the Minister said the government was competent to safeguard Nepali territory and the citizens. As he said, border disputes would be resolved diplomatically on the basis of available facts and proofs.    
Stating that even an inch of land belonging to Nepal could not be permitted to be invaded, he informed that the Sugauli Treaty had recognised Mechi in the east and Mahakali in the west as Nepal's border.    
Stating that Nepali had in-depth feeling of national unity which as he said was featured in a garland-shape and anyone attempting to break this unity was like of a treacherous.    
 "Efforts are underway to disrupt this unity, but the government is competent to overcome such attempts."    
On the occasion, a book entitled Shram-Sadhana Mahakabya by poet Neelkantha Neupane was released.    
Prof Dr Beni Madhav Dhakal said the book was the first epic published from Palpa after republic in the country. It was focused on the matters of national unity, Nepali art, culture, geography and so on.    
 The writer was hopeful that the book would help promote national unity.