Saturday, 6 March, 2021

Election doubts have no basis: DPM Pokhrel


By Our Correspondent
Bharatpur, Feb. 23: Deputy Prime Minister Ishwar Pokhrel has instructed the party cadres to be prepared for elections.
Speaking at a swearing-in ceremony organised for the district convention organising committee members on Monday, DPM Pokhrel said that the division in the Nepal Communist Party was due to failure in managing internal dispute in the party.
Earlier, at the Bharatpur Airport, he urged everyone not to doubt if the election would be held on scheduled time.
“It will be held in time, let’s get prepared for the election instead of wasting time on unnecessary doubts,” he added. Pokhrel said that the government was preparing for the election but there were activities against it in the street.
“Some of the leaders are making open threat to the government in regard to election,” he added indicating towards Dahal-Nepal fraction. According to him, they were the actual threats to the election.
DPM Pokhrel said that the government was preparing for the election. He also said people’s mandate was the backbone of democracy.
Pokhrel said that no one can obstruct the process to receive people’s fresh mandate. “Politics could be stabilised only through fresh mandate,” he said.
Stating that several government bodies were busy conducting election, DPM Pokhrel said that the parties should get ready for the race instead of wasting valuable time on unnecessary misgivings. 

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