Thursday, 21 January, 2021

2021 will be the year when Nepal, India will have no issue: PM


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Jan. 13: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that even though Nepal is smaller than India in terms of geography and population, both the countries are equal sovereign nations.
The relation between Nepal and India is not that of a bigger and a smaller nation, he added.
Prime Minister Oli made these remarks in his interviews with two separate Indian television channels on Monday evening. “Both the countries are equal sovereign countries, good neighbours and are in the same region,” said Prime Minister Oli. “This is not an ancient age. This is the age of independence and mutual respect, so everyone should accept this.”
Talking about the Limpiyadhura, Lipulek and Kalapani areas, Prime Minister Oli said that Nepal controlled the territories for over 146 years. “These places, which are located at the east of the Mahakali River belong to Nepal as per the Sugauli Treaty,” he said.
“However, the territory was not in the use of Nepal since 1962, so both the countries should talk thoroughly, calmly, with evidences, proofs and with history.”
Stating that Nepal is not in the position to claim the territory of China or India, Prime Minister Oli said, “But we claim our territory.”
“Until yesterday, India used to consider itself as the boss. Personally, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is two years older than me. But when we are in the same place as the Prime Ministers of two sovereign countries, we shares equal status.”
He further said, “Prime Minister Modi also believes in equal relations. But when I say that I am the Prime Minister equal to PM Modi, people feel bad,” he said.

On the India-China border dispute, Prime Minister Oli clarified that Nepal would not use the India-China dispute for the benefit of Nepal. “We don’t play cards against two neighbouring countries.”
He further said that it would be
a loss to Nepal if there was a tension between India and China. “Nepal will not let anyone use our land and sky in the fight
against anyone. We want peace and development.Our politics is the politics of neutrality.” Nepal had nothing to do with the Galwan incident, said the Prime Minister, adding that Nepal is only concerned about its territory.
However, Nepal could play a role in mediating talks between India and China, as Nepal is friends of both the countries, he said.
“India published its political map by incorporating Nepali territory, so we opposed it. During the tension over the Galwan Valley, India inaugurated a road on Nepal’s land.
So, we sent diplomatic notes, called for dialogues. But there was no response from the Indian side,” Prime Minister Oli said.
Prime Minister Oli further said Nepal was working to deepen its ties with India based on sovereign equality. “The year 2021 will be the year when there will be no problems between Nepal and India,” he said.
PM Oli said the government has been trying to remove all kind of inferiority complex from Nepali people and at the same time, he urged Nepal’s neighbours not to have any superiority complex.
Prime Minister Oli clarified that there were no Chinese check posts in Nepali territory. Nepal would not allow any side to put their check posts inside the Nepali territory.  

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