Sunday, 5 April, 2020

200 Nepalis stranded in Jhulaghat border point


Gokarna Dayal, Baitadi, Mar. 26: More than 200 Nepalis who came to Jhulaghhat border point on foot from various places of India to reach their homes have been stranded at the border for the last two days.

They had walked to this Nepal-India border point from various parts of India after the companies they were working for got shut down due to the 21-day lockdown in India.

The Nepalis have not been able to enter their home country until Thursday evening, as the Indian authorities at the border needed permission from the central government to open the border gates due to the lockdown in India.

They have been staying in roads and local school premises, informed Pramod Bhatta, a journalist with an Indian newspaper, on telephone.

"More than 200 Nepalis have been stranded at Jhulaghat," said Bhatta.

As India has been locked down completely, we have been informed that even the District Chief of Pithauragad doesn’t hold rights to open the gates, said Ananda Poudel, Chief District Officer (CDO) of Baitadi.

"The District Chief of Pitharagadh has informed that he has been asking permission with the central government to let Nepalis enter their country," said CDO Poudel.


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