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Free e-libraries may help enhance learning, utilise lockdown period

Free e-libraries may help enhance learning, utilise lockdown period

By Shanti Lama, Kathmandu, April 29: Virtual learning has been a new alternative for learning during this lockdown. At this time of secluded living, we can utilize virtual learning process as well as the e-library to enhance our studies.

The idle time caused due to the ongoing lockdown has aptly been used for reading through e-library. There is an increasing usage of virtual library to save time and financial resource. Nowadays, the world is at your door with one click. Digital learning has now become  a new trend among youngsters who are in access of internet and want to satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

The online library is a platform where you can interact with the digitized words of books. Both paid and free libraries are just one click far away from people. The knowledge of vast epitome of literature, science, society, religion, culture, history and politics is in access in your phones and computers through e-library. We can make this period of lockdown as an opportunity for learning with the help of free e-libraries.

World Digital Library

This is the largest free online library of the world. This was made with the support from UNESCO to library of Congress of America. Libraries of all over the world are associated with this library.

In the World Digital Library, we can get the books of almost all countries since its establishment in 2009 A.D.  There is a collection of books, manuscript, maps, newspapers and photos of large digital collection on seven languages with meta-data and scripts on it.


 In Bibliomania, we can get free access of e-learning to thousands of books. There are more than two thousands of classic books and learning material in this library. This library is the reservoir of books of renowned authors, narrations, sagas, dramas, stories and poems.


Established in 2004 A.D, this is the e-station of all the popular books around the world, established in 2004 A.D.  The collection covers the genre of stories, history, biography, science-fiction, romance and so on which can be read for free. Offline study can be done in feasible timing by downloading books from this website.

Let’s Read

Let’s Read is e-library founded by Asian Foundation and it is more viable for little children. It covers interesting books both in national languages and in native languages.

The pictorial learning amazes kids to flow in the world of books and words. If we can give pictorial books of Nepali Language by downloading to our kids then thy can learn words and enjoy the leaning process as well.


 In e-library, one can make access to lots of course materials which children can utilize during this lockdown. Six thousand eight hundred books, more than two thousand audio books, videos of five hundred can be found on e-library. Since 2009, there is a free access of learning of freely available books.


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