Friday, 21 January, 2022

Good behaviour of staff at Lalitpur isolations credited for quick recovery


By A Staff Reporter, Lalitpur, May 22: Former residents of the two isolation centres set up by Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC) have said that the encouraging environment and the reassuring behaviour of the medical team helped them defeat the coronavirus.

Film director and editor Prabin Shrestha said that the affection shown by the staff working at the isolation centre was the main factor that aided his recovery.

He said, “I managed to win against COVID-19 because of the care shown by the doctors, nurses, cleaners and everyone who worked at the centre. I have no words to thank them.” Shrestha, along with his wife and son, stayed at the LMC-run isolation centre at the Jyapu Samaj old-age home, Ananda Niketan Building, Bagdol from May 11 to 19.

Praising the medical and non-medical employees as well as the metropolitan city, Shrestha said, “The city saw to all our needs. Similar isolation centres need to be established elsewhere too.” He said he was grateful for the treatment he and his family members received and promised to contribute to the centre once he fully recovered.

During his nine-day stay at the isolation centre, Shrestha tried to stay away from social media as much as possible because he found the condolence posts very disturbing. “Seeing such posts weakens the patients’ morale and makes them feel like they will not make it,” Shrestha said.

“So, I request everyone to refrain from posting condolence messages on their social media profiles. Instead, pray to God for the peace of the departed souls.”

Shrestha lost his father to COVID-19 last year and his sister last week. On Wednesday, Shrestha and 13 other people were discharged from the Jyapu Samaj isolation centre after defeating the illness.

Dilashma Khadka was one of them who returned home after staying at the centre for 11 days. Recounting her experience, she said, “It felt like I was among family members. Everyone was very friendly.” Khadka said that one needs to have faith that they can beat the virus. “Self-confidence is a must to conquer the infection,” she said.

Similarly, 65-year-old Babu Raja Shakya, who also came home on Wednesday, shared that the facilities at the isolation centre were very good. “The treatment and facilities I received helped me recover quickly.”

Congratulating all those who recovered, Mayor Chiri Babu Maharjan urged everyone to follow the safety precautions. He also said that the metropolis would spare no effort to ensure the health and safety of Lalitpur’s residents.

Likewise, people staying at the isolation centre in Sunakothi, Lalitpur–26, have also praised the service and goodwill they have received. A young man who did not wish to be identified said that the doctors and nurses at the centre were very caring and their behaviour was excellent.

LMC operates two isolation centres with the oxygen facility at the Nutrition Rehabilitation Home of Nepal Youth Foundation at Sunakothi and the old-age home of Jyapu Samaj at Bagdol.

So far, the isolation centre at Sunakothi has housed a total of 90 people, of whom, 34 have recovered and gone home. The centre at Bagdol has housed 73 people with 24 of them having been discharged after making a full recovery