Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Construction of Rolpa hospital building sluggish


Rolpa, Nov 8: Service recipients have been hit hard when the construction of the district hospital building was not completed on time.    

Construction of the building that has to be completed within mid-July 2020 has not yet been completed as 15 months have already elapsed since the contract to this effect expired.    

Local stakeholders have alleged that the building was not constructed due to the sheer negligence of the contractor.    

Chairperson of Hospital Development Committee, Fabindra Acharya said there is still uncertainty as to when the building construction will be completed.    

"The hospital has obtained approval for 50 beds after its up-gradation. Also, it got approval for necessary health equipment, doctors, health workers and other human resources", he added.    

In lack of the building infrastructure, the human resources have not been placed. Service recipients and patients are facing trouble when the hospital building was not constructed timely.