Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

44,000 people get Tuberculosis every year, 10,000 remains out of access


By TRN Online,

Kathmandu, Nov.18:  A total of 44,000 people are diagnosed with Tuberculosis annually, while, around 10,000 people are still not in access to Tuberculosis treatment in Nepal.

According to National Tuberculosis Control Center, because of the social stigma, many people still fear coming out and receiving treatment for tuberculosis.

Dr. Prakash Prasad Shah, Director at National Tuberculosis Control Center, said that every year around 44,000 people are infected with Tuberculosis and accounts for 5000-7000 life lost annually.

He has estimated that 60-68 thousand people are suffering from Tuberculosis as of now, of which, only, 28,000 people are in access to treatment.

Dr. Shah said, “We can bring people in access to treatment only after finding the hidden cases of Tuberculosis that are reluctant to come out.  Therefore, recognizing the hidden cases of Tuberculosis will make it possible to end Tuberculosis.”

He further said that the local units play a vital role to bring out the hidden cases of Tuberculosis, so local units need to be mobilised properly to end Tuberculosis from Nepal.