Tuesday, 2 March, 2021

Two snow leopards killed in avalanche


By Rajan Rawat, Simkot, July 19: Two snow leopards were found dead in Limi Village. The leopard cubs were buried in avalanche while they were residing in their cave.

Paljor Tamang, ward chair of Namkha Rural Municipality-6, said, the leopard cubs were killed after being buried in an avalanche which fell down to Limi from Domwalyama, near Til village.

Ward Chair, Paljor Tamang said, “Snow slide that started from Til Village in Namkha Rural Municiplaity-6 caused the death of 2 now-leopards.”

 “As soon as we got the news about death of two snow leopards, we prepared to send the rescue officials to recover the dead bodies,” said Niraj Jha, Chief of Division Forest Office. “But when the committee informed that the carcases were of no use, we didn’t send the rescue team.”

Snow leopards, although considered rare, are found in a great number amount in Limi area.

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