Tuesday, 2 June, 2020

Relatives of COVID-19 recovered thank government, doctors

Relatives of COVID-19 recovered thank government, doctors

By Nabaraj Kattel, Biratnagar, May 8: The family members and relatives of COVID-19 patients who were discharged from the Koshi Hospital on Friday after recovering from the virus were seen to be immensely happy.

They were glad to see eight people of Bhulke mosque area, including Aaino Miya, 72, and Ijrael Miya, 60, of Udayapur, Triyuga Municipality-3, winning the battle against COVID-19.

Prior to this, the hospital had discharged six COVID-19 patients on Wednesday.

The relatives of COVID-19 patients showed gratitude and motivated the health workers by displaying placards with 'Thank you, government, Thank you, ministers, thank you, doctors and health workers' written on it.

Stating that the state government had taken decision to operate the Koshi Hospital for treatment of COVID-19 patients before it was too late, they also thanked the state government.   

16 persons of the Muslim Tabali group had tested positive for the virus, out of which 12 were Indian guests.

Muslim youth leader of Biratnagar, Chad Iraqi, said, "We would not get this immense support of the government elsewhere, we are lucky to have the Nepal government and doctors who are working round the clock to identify and cure COVID-19 patients."

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