Sunday, 12 July, 2020

Rare sarus cranes sighted at Mantriphanta of Kailali


By Our Correspondent, Dhangadhi, June 2: Additional four sarus cranes have been sighted in Mantriphanta in Bhajani Municipality of Kailali district.

The cranes, which were seen in July last year, have reappeared at Mantriphanta this year during the 'breeding season' as the rainy season is the hatching time for storks.

Hiralal Dagaura, an ornithologist from Kailali, said that three cranes were seen last year and four this year.

"Two out of three cranes disappeared a few days later in July last year," he said, adding, "I suspect a pair of cranes went to hatch," Dagaura said.

According to ornithologist Dagaura, the number of cranes might have increased to four and the same family come to Mantriphanta again this year.

Decades ago, the old lake at Mantriphanta and Bhajani was home to cranes. However, due to the destruction of the habitat, sarus cranes were not seen there for years. After nearly a decade, cranes have started appearing in the area again since last year.

"After a year, the number has increased and we, the conservationists, are excited," said Ganga Dagaura, a local from Bhajani Municipality-1.

Mantriphanta is also home to the world's rarest dolphin of the Gangetic species. Dolphins appear in various rivers of the region throughout the rainy season, and they have already been in sight this monsoon.

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